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Grass-Fed Ranchers Choice Bundle


  • 9 pounds total
  • Approximately 3 pounds each of Cube Steak, Roast and Ground Beef
  • For those short on time and freezer space


Our Grass Fed Ranchers Choice Bundle is the perfect solution. With 9 pounds of high-quality, grass-fed beef, this bundle includes approximately 3 pounds each of Cube Steak, Roast, and Ground Beef, providing a variety of options to suit any meal. Our beef is free from hormones and antibiotics, ensuring a delicious and wholesome dining experience. Plus, with free shipping included, there's no need to worry about extra costs - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of having premium grass-fed beef delivered right to your door. Perfect for those with a busy schedule and limited freezer space, this bundle provides the ultimate flexibility and ease for all your cooking needs.

Ranchers Choice Bundle

Price Options
One-time purchase
Ranchers Choice
Keep Your Freezer Stocked
$105.45every month until canceled
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