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  • How will I receive my beef purchase?
    Depending on the size of your order you will receive your beef partially thawed or frozen in the mail in up to 50lb quantities.
  • Why should I order my beef from Independence Ark Farm?
    Not only will you be helping to promote food resiliency by ordering directly from a family farm, you will be receiving all of the health benefits from eating grass-fed beef, and the assurances of knowing where your food originated.
  • What are the health benefits of Grass-Fed Beef
    There are almost too many to mention, but here is a start: A great source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a cancer fighting super nutrient Higher in Vitamin E. Higher in minerals, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, Keto-Friendly with ample amounts of all three essential electrolytes. Lower in Saturated Fats linked with heart disease. Higher in essential heart healthy Omega-3s. Lower in total fat and calories with more nutritional value.
  • When should I expect my delivery?
    Your cow is scheduled for slaughter at the USDA packing and processing facility upon confirmation of your order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your freshly cut beef to hang and cure and another week for shipping and handling.
  • What do we feed our cows?
    Our black angus beef cows are pastured on lush grass in North East Arkansas, they are free-range grass-fed cattle with full-access to mineral and salt lick, hay, and a ration of sweet feed of 12% protein to assist with moving them from pasture to trailer. This is grass-fed natural beef as nature intended. No force feeding, no steroids, additives, or hormones. 100% Natural.
  • How much freezer room do I need for a whole cow?
    The general rule of thumb is 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 30-35 lbs of cut and vacuum-sealed beef. You would need about 13 cubic feet for a whole processed cow weighing about 400 lbs 7 cubic feet for a half processed cow weighing about 200 lbs (available at Walmart for $200) 4 cubic feet for a quarter processed cow weighing about 100 lbs 2 cubic feet for an eighth processed cow weighing about 50 lbs The average freezer capacity of a standard indoor refrigerator is 5 cubic feet.
  • How old are our cattle when they are processed?
    We process our cattle between 12-24 months. Bone-In cuts, such as Porter House and Bone-In Rib-eye can only be procured from a young cow. Age is confirmed by our USDA processors by tooth indenturing.
black angus calves eating from trough
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