Handcrafted Wild Violet Vinegar


Ingredients: All Natural White Vinegar 5% Acidity, Wild Violet Extract

This luxurious and unique bottle of Wild Violet Vinegar in a deep magenta hue is a fabulous showcase item for your bath or pantry.  It comes in a reusable swing-top glass bottle that can be repurposed for a variety of uses.  This would make a fabulous custom gift for a special someone. 


8.5 oz

Dimensions: 8x2x2 inches


Wild Violets are known for their Healing and Anti-Inflammatory Properties and also high in Vitamin C & A


8.5 oz Wild Violet Vinegar

  • 1) Hair Rinse- Dilute with equal parts water, after shampooing, spritz over your scalp and hair to ease itchiness, remove soap residue, control dandruff and fungal infections.  

    2) Soothe Sunburn- Dilute with equal parts water and spray on sunburn to soothe and heal the skin.  Keep your spray bottle in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.  

    3) Anti-itch concoction- Dab solution on wasp stings or chigger bites with a cotton ball, hold for several minutes until sting subsides.  

    4) Healing Bath- Ease your aches and pains by adding 1/2 - 1 cup of Wild Violet Vinegar to your bath.  For an extra boost complete your bath with an equal amount of epsom salts.  

  • The Wild Violet is light sensitive; to prevent fading of the WIld Violet Vinegar's rich magenta hue, store in a cool dark place.  This precaution  will preserve color for up to a year.